Southern Breeze Living, LLC
An Assisted Living Facility for
Long Term
Short Term
and Adult Day Care
FACILITY: 386-447-7405
Jeanette Dean: 386-931-6729

18 Woodward Lane
Palm Coast, FL   32164

S​​​​outhern Breeze Living is a premier, locally owned and operated Assisted living Facility specializing in the needs of seniors and their families.

  1. Long Term
    Come live with us in our beautiful home. Choose one of our lovely furnished guest rooms. We work closely with your family and health care professionals.
  2. Short Term
    Relax and recover for a few days, to several weeks, in a beautiful home atmosphere. You will enjoy meals, snacks, activities and friendship with others at a very affordable rate.
  3. Adult Day Care
    We are here for the family who may need time during the day to do errands, go to work, or simply need some time for themselves. Home cooking AM-PM, Snacks.
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